My name is Oliver Cooke and I enjoy making games. What drives me is the passion to learn about how things work in games. I am always ready to start figuring out how to solve a problem, be it in a personal workflow, as a team or in an overall concept/design.

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I am a graduate of Staffordshire University in games design and I have a huge passion for creating cinematic experiences in games.

So much so in fact that in September 2012 I set out on a year long journey to investigate cost effective motion capture solutions for a University project. This project was a chance for me to experiment with cinematic experiences and just how to go about capturing data to recreate some of the incredible things we see in games today. 

I enjoy all aspects of the motion capture pipeline from pre production all the way through to post.   I enjoy nothing more than figuring out how to recreate an unbelievable motion in what is essentially a box room most of the time.

Watching the captured motions come to life in an engine is easily the most exciting part. Being able to see the captured data in these unbelievable environments and in an unbelievable context is by far the most rewarding part for me. 


Software: Autodesk Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Vicon Cara, Blade

Disciplines: Rigging, animation, motion capture