Investigation into Cost Effective Motion Capture Solutions for Independent Developers

Motion capture is an integral animation tool for CG productions allowing actors to bring characters to life. While this form of animation is used widely it is scarcely available to smaller companies due to the costs that motion capture involve. This project aims to explore cost effective ways for smaller companies to use motion capture in their production.

Goals and project approach

The goal of the project is to analyse the qualities of industry standard equipment and compare it to cheaper widely available solutions, not only form a cost perspective but from an artistic one also. This is achieved through a lengthy testing schedule and deliverable pieces that directly compare to industry examples.

Three production pieces are created for the project. The first two are cinematic pieces, one taking inspiration from a 2013 game release and the other being a custom made scene to exhibit some further possibilities.

The final piece is a playable character which exhibits a wide range of movements found in a third person action game. All of the pieces are presented in a current games engine.


The results of this project show that the animations produced are of a good quality though a better skilled animator would be able to utilise the data better.

This project concludes that there are reliable cost effective motion capture solutions available. Many of the criticisms received highlight the high level of quality for such a low expense.

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